Pattaya, Thailand

So the second half of the teaching certification program that I did took place in Pattaya. On our way into the city, we skimmed through the Lonely Planet to find an unsympathetic description of this town as seedy and “synonymous with prostitution.” Well, I can say that where there are bars there are marketed women […]

I couldn't get enough of this girl


For the 3 days that I spent in and around Bangkok, here are my observations: Towards the end of the 15 hour flight from JFK (NYC) to Shanghai, the Chinese passengers began smacking themselves and stretching. Perhaps I will investigate this practice in the near future. In Bangkok, you can find cheap and delicious food […]

Living Nomadically

Hi friends I started this blog in order to share videos and pictures of my travels.  This first year, I will be in Southeast Asia, primarily in Thailand. I will have a pseudo permanent home once I get a job on one of the islands in Thailand but I will be staying in hostels and […]